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About Dipaul Group

DIPAUL group creates and implements hi-tech projects for Russian electronics industry. Our main activities include:
  • Key tasks fulfillment along the process of electronics devices manufacturing facilities establishment
  • Innovative technologies search, adaptation and implementation
  • Manufacturing facilities design and construction
  • Enterprises re-equipment and modernization according to modern technical requirements
  • Scientific and technological consulting
  • Production processes audit, international standards adoption and quality control methods implementation
  • Advanced training and educational programs for electronics industry specialists

Turn-key solutions

Our specialists are highly experienced in different turn-key projects: industrial premises and communications designing, adherence to standards, best available technology choice and most suitable solution implementation for different industries: aerospace, medical electronics, electronic industry, etc.

Industrial premises

We are ready to take care of key solutions for industrial premises: clean rooms designing, building and equipping, manufacturing sites, warehouses and office facilities creation and maintenance, flooring vibration protection and ESD protected areas setting-up.

Electronic devices assembly manufacturing sites  equipping

We supply solutions for surface and through-hole components mounting, multilayer printed and flexible boards, hybrid circuits on ceramic and combined substrates, frameless assembly, microelectronics, protection against aggressive environment. We have gained extensive experience working with different industries enterprises, that work in a field of individual and mass scale highly reliable electronics components design and assembling.

Test and measurement solutions

DIPAUL group is known as an expert in integrated monitoring and test systems. We offer engineering and technological solutions for various specialized usage: microwave components and modules computer-aided design, semiconductors producing, radio and microwave signals analysis and measurement, data collection and analysis, noise-immune and noise-emission electromagnetic compatibility testing, metrological checks.

Quality control and testing

We deliver solutions for components and finished products climatic and vibration testing, X-ray and optical inspection of crucial to the manufacturing process parts and products.

Dipaul’s own manufacturing site

In 2002 Dipaul group established a factory for electronics devices assembly workplaces production. Practically applying new materials and technologies we were the first in Russia to start manufacturing qualitative ESD furniture, which complies with international IEC 61340 standards. During these years VIKING technical and ESD workplaces de-facto became a standard for Russian electronics industry. We constantly monitor manufacturing process and quality of our furniture on all stages, which is acknowledged by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
Dipaul group, being a parent company for national Technical Committee of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), is responsible for development, approval and adaptation of ESD related standards in Russia.

Education and training

Dipaul group has developed a line of educational courses targeted to increase and maintain engineers’ and technical specialists’ level. Nowadays we carry out practical trainings on the following issues: IPC standards, modern technologies of electronic devices assembly, electronic devices ESD protection.
Another sphere of DIPAUL group activities is participation in educational programs for electronics faculties’ students in technical schools, colleges and universities. We have created several  training and production centers together with some major educational organizations from Saint-Petersburg and other regions.


Dipaul group is an active member of public and industrial associations and alliances, including Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs and Saint-Petersburg association of radio-electronics enterprises; we take part in different joint projects, including local social and charity events. DIPAUL is one of the main founders of the national innovative alliance “Technology Alliance” – a pool of companies, which implements a widest range of unique complicated technical projects.
We work in close cooperation with our foreign partners, adopting and implementing their innovative solutions; together we develop equipment and software specially adapted to Russian market. We appreciate many years of successful teamwork and strong partnership with Keysight Technologies, Dima, Fluke, Mydata, Nordson Dage, Schleuniger, Teseq, Thermotron and others.

Clients and projects

We have accumulated a significant experience implementing successful projects for defense, aerospace, electronics industries companies, contract manufacturers, scientific-research institutes and educational organizations. We are proud for many years of mutually beneficial cooperation with most well-known Russian electronics industry companies.